Tuesday, August 17, 2010

João Ruas (Feral Kid) a New Guy to Love.

I have no idea if it’s due to the fact that I have been hanging with mostly boys (well, men, intrepid manly men) or because I no longer live in a cute apartment filled with ceramic squirrels and plastic pandas but lately I have been enjoying darker and edgier pieces, because of it I have been posting more art from guys.

I am still a girl (woman, sophisticated woman) at heart, so surly cute big eyed images will soon appear in a future posts; meanwhile this new taste in illustrations and paintings will hopefully do some good in balancing the female to male ratio of featured artists, that is somewhat skewed in this blog (as we stand is about 2 to 1).

Back to the post: I found him today and I am in love (in really professional love); his name is João Ruas (Feral Kid) and he is from São Paulo, Brazil. He does really beautifully detailed drawings; most of them with a dream like (maybe more like nightmarish) theme. He has had many exhibitions in the USA, in fact he just had a show in Thinkspace Art Gallery and some of his pieces are still available (here).

For my five I picked many featuring girls; I guess I am just crazy about the softness he adds to their faces and how it contrasts with their surroundings, but his work includes all types of subjects and more somber motifs.

By the way picking only five was really hard, I still feel that I left our amazing ones so I do encourage you to visit one, or many, of his links, because he has so many incredible and, yes, sexy pieces (I did again the whole G rated post thing, but there are many nipples to be found in his art, so if you fancy something more "adult", click away my friend!).

Have a look at what I adored from him:

Dawn I




To enjoy more of his pieces you can go to his official web site (here), his blog (here) and his Flickr Photostream (here).

Procession I


  1. Me gustó mucho este post. Tienes un vocabulario versátil para ser tu segundo idioma.
    Qué técnica usará este artista, pareciera acuarela.


  2. Dawn I: Acrylic & gold leaf on illustration board
    Beggar:Graphite and Watercolor on paper.
    Catch: Watercolor and Gouache on Schoeller 420 gms
    Untitled: Acrylic on 300gms Fabriano
    Procession I: Mixed media, collage and gold leaf on heavyweight watercolor paper