Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nervous System and the Full Post it Deserves.

Sometime ago I did a top 5 cool necklaces that I am no cool enough to wear post and in it I featured a piece by Nervous System (Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg); It was not lost on me that to feature just one piece of their jewelry was a cruel thing to do, because they have such an incredible collection of different accessories. So I always keep them in mind, remembering that to make things right I had to come back and do a full post of their work.

So here it is, to make Karma happy with me:

Nervous System
They base their designs in the patterns and textures of nature; well, this is really an understatement, if you enter their official web site and go to the About Us tag you can read a full and more complex of description what their motives, inspirations, processes and goals are, but basically, yeah, they are trying to reproduce the geometry that exists in the natural world.

They select inexpensive and durable materials, most of them not normally used for jewelry, but it works perfect for them, because the marriage of these materials with their soft and airy designs creates an enigmatic look and feel; feminine, simple and strong.

Both designers that form Nervous System are ultra qualified, holding degrees from MIT; Jessica Rosenkrantz in Architecture and Biology and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg in Mathematics, and both did extra studies or work in rather interesting areas. So it is fitting and understandable that they are the ones generating such intricate and fascinating pieces.

Have a look! And love!

black chromium

cell cycle | Interstice bracelet

Coral Brooch: gold plated

orchid necklace - stainless steel

For more of their design you can go to their official web site (here), their blog (here) or Jessica Rosenkrantz’s Flickr Photostream (here)
And if you are ready you can go to their shop!!! and shop!!! (here)

One super fun thing, is that in their store you can make your own necklace, with a little program you add forces to a simulated mess to create your unique design and then! Buy it! Go (here) for that.

Xylem - sneak peak

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