Tuesday, August 17, 2010

People Eating People (It's not what you are thinking)

(Sorry, yesterday I guess I was too happy to write, but I’ll make up for it today; I promise)

Wow, those new hip indie groups really like their control. I have been trying to post a new song and Embedding disabled by request keeps showing up wherever I look, I have tried with about 9 different groups! Come on! I get that you are cool and want to feel as underground as possible! But come on!!! What is the point of making a video if you don’t want it to be published!? I am sure there are legal issues that concern record companies, but come on!!!

Well it’s your lost!

Luckily, after being denied a few more times, I was able to find the People Eating People’s first video Rain Rain (video by Nouela Johnston), it was just a lucky click.

* Funny how sometimes I am in such a professional blogger state of mind that I don’t realize that if I search in Google “People Eating People” I could probably get links and images that could forever deny me the pleasure of eating a hamburger or ribs; oh thank you Google censors!! You have saved me once again! (I can keep on munching on veal and little bunnies).

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