Friday, September 24, 2010

The Nerdmigos by IAMO

I am in a writing funk; I think the day entered in a dark moment when I realized that I needed plans for tonight and I have absolutely no idea what to do. So, to get out of this funk I decided to do a post about the work of a friend… well I think he is a friend…

Lately my definition of Friend is somewhat jaded, I don’t know if Friend is someone you like, or to, officially, become your Friend that person has to like you back and, if that is so, how can I tell if I am liked back?! (Ahh!) 

I believe Facebook is at fault for my dilemma, because, a few months back I accepted a “Friend Request from a lady that used to babysit me, and somehow managed to find me! She is not my friend and yet, there she is! She comments on my pictures, sends greetings to my parents, “Likes” my silly status updates; she acts like a friend but I don’t even remember her!

So, needless to say, I am utterly confused on the formal definition of Friendship, but I will take my chances with him; after all, I have seen him in more than four parties, I know where he lives (it’s sound creepy, but I am saying it in a casual way; I do know where he lives) and he is a follower of this blog (he is right there, the little drawn sad face; you see him?). His name is Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna* (IAMO for his initials, of course; Isma to his friends) and the reason he can be featured in this blog is because he makes a webcomic! Fun, no? 

His webcomic is called Nerdmigos; it is actually based on his and his friends’ nerdy life style. Before coming back from Florida I was only acquainted with half of them, but I made it my goal to meet all eight. Sure enough, last weekend, I concluded the task (yay! Complete set of Nerdmigos!)**

They are a lovable bunch of guys. They are geeky, yes; about 80% of their jokes come from obscure pop culture references, they take their comic-to-film adaptations rather seriously, adore The Big Bang Theory and hate most signs of mediocrity in other individuals. They are by no means a bland group; each one comes with a different set of quirks and talents.

There is the funny-misanthropic duo (Lerms and Errez), Ben; who will probably never know love, Gelipe; the adorable formally-trained killing machine, Tony; sweet innocent Tony, Roy… Roy is, simply, Roy (no point in trying to describe him, because I will just fail), Erick; I met him last Friday so I don’t really know him that well, but he was super nice and funny and, of course, Isma himself (the nerdy version of a cool writer).

Now that you have an idea of who they are, you might understand why a webcomic about them is a rather interesting thing; they are not the typical nerds that have no life and never go out, they are more like a pack of nerdy wolfs that decided to run wild, and Isma is right in the middle of all the action, documenting it.

Sure some things you might have to know them to understand why they are hilarious, but most speak the universal language of funny. Have a look (click on them, if you need a larger view):  

 Guitar Heroes
Free Hugs
Geek Joy
To find more of the Nerdmigos go (Here)
To read Isma's blog go (Here) and Isma's DeviantArt profile is (Here)
Also, below, on their names there are links to the web sites of the other Nerdmigos

Gratitude (From left to right: Ben, Tony, Isma, Gelipe, Lerms, Roy, Erick and Errez)

Wow, this post took me a lot of time to finish. I think I got really nervous knowing that the Nerdmigos, and their known associates, might actually read this. It took me so long to write, that I have an update: I have plans for tonight! Coffee, and possible drinks, with one of my best of friends, yay!

* Such a proper Latin boy! Using both his last names; We Mexicans have two last names, one from our father’s side of the family, one from our mother’s, but, normally, we ignore the second one to be cool like the Americans.
** Thanks to this post, I can call that “research” and feel good about my impractical ambition.

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