Monday, October 25, 2010

Camera Obscura and Not a Rant, but Rather an Explanation.

It’s been quite some time since I have done a music post. I am sorry.
Today, since I have no concrete plans for the day (except for writing) I decided to take the time and look for a song. It’s not a quick task, I must admit; I have to go around skipping from video to video, listening and analyzing whether I like the song and video or not. Plus since it looks like I am only browsing the Web and hearing music (which, coincidentally, I am doingo nly with a professional and serious purpose) other people tend to ask me questions or, simply, start chatting with me (that makes it even a longer mission).

I know that around the world right now there are people hard at work, while I sit here in search of music and words to describe this (and other) moments and I just want to make clear that I am not complaining about my duty; I am simply stating the fact that it takes longer than what others might think.

Anyway I found this song; first lines and I was ready to post it. The lyrics go:

“A half full moon in Mexico City I think of you
And when I saw the Southern Cross I wished you had too
I wish my heart was as cold as the morning dew
But it's as warm as saxophones and honey in the sun for you…”
Then it goes and turns itself into a cute love song and I am pretty much OK with cute love songs right now. So here is that lovely number and I’ll be back soon with another post. Oh, yeah, and in case you forgot, I now live in Mexico City, that is why the song made me smile.

The song is called Honey In The Sun and it's by Camera Obscura. Here goes:

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