Monday, October 25, 2010

Elin Thomas and Her Lovely Accessories.

I have not expanded a lot in my life lately, well, I still have no regular form of income, so I can’t go around town buying all the things that I desire and if you have read this blog, you can get an idea that I tend to crave many things.

How do I manage? You ask. How can a girl be in a new town and not go crazy with the shopping? Well, because I allow myself a luxury every so often and that luxury is, usually, a pair of cheap earrings (I must make clear: cheap, not ugly). This is my, fantastic, way of staying clear of debt.

Since I have been admiring so many accessories around Mexico City, I wanted to do a post related to that, so I went in search of a cool crafter. I was lucky enough to find the work of Elin Thomas. Her pieces are incredible; soft and bright, with and organic feel and beautifully made. I want them (I fancy, at least, 6 of them in my wardrobe), and I will be sure to remember that as soon as I get a proper job.

Anyway, here are 5 things that you will probably want as well:

Crochet brooch
Fiber art brooch
Barbarella crochet ring
Crochet necklace
Elin Thomas is from the UK and you can find more of her work on her blog (here) her Flickr Photostream (here), and you already have a nice job and some savings, she has a shop en Etsy (here) and another one on Big Cartel (here).

Pixie cups pincushion!

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