Monday, December 13, 2010

White Lies; Fever, and a Song.

So, I am sick and I probably shouldn’t be writing because I feel like only one quarter of my brain is awake, but I needed to do something. I have been in bed for most of the last 72 hours and, well, I am bored.

Since the fever is now gone and the medication finally seems to be doing its job, I decided to do mine and make a little post. I feel so weird; I think I hadn’t been this sick since I was twelve or something like that, not in my adult life had I ever being asleep for so many straight hours, on Saturday I think I was only awake for 5 or 6 hours.

Yeah, it was not fun. Plus, well, when you are out of your parents’ and single… being sick bring no type of luxury whatsoever. When you have someone who cares, you might get something special like a meal made just for you, juice in the morning, a massage, a movie and popcorn… whatever. When you are basically alone you get water so you won’t die and as many issues of The Walking Dead (by Robert Kirkman) as you can read.

I can’t complain much though, I mean, I am still alive and getting better, and The Walking Dead is a really interesting read, I am in issue 42, now. Besides, in a week I'll be at my parents' for the holidays and I'll make sure to get enough love and yummy food to last the whole year.

So! I found a song for today, but I cannot place it on the blog! But it’s just too perfect, it’s called Death and it’s by White Lies, and since I am writing about not dying and zombies, it’s has to be today’s song, so here is the link (HERE). Don’t worry, it goes to the official Youtube site of Polydor (the group’s record label).

Yeah, I know, I weird post... I told you only 25% of my brain was awake... sorry.
Much love!

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